Christiana Petrou

Enterprise Solution Architect, IT

Joined January 2017

I joined TWC in January 2017 in what is a very exciting and challenging role within the Enterprise Architecture Team. My role involves shaping and guiding the strategic Business and IT designs of the future TWC. My focus is on the functions which support the running of the business; finance, Buying & Design, Merchandising and others. In line with this, I also dedicate my time to the delivery of projects and programmes.

Since joining I have extended my knowledge into a number of areas including Business Intelligence, attended five conferences, read countless Forrester reports, engaged with global vendors and spent roughly 86 hrs in workshops with 77 people from across business SMEs across 16 workshops!

With the kind support of my management I am presented with many opportunities and continue to develop in my new role.

I love the fact that every day I wake up to working with and learning from people who are knowledgeable, passionate and supportive. I always look forward to coming to work as it’s proving to be more than just a job for me, but an amazing experience.

What is your favourite product and why?

It’s so hard to choose, I love the Seychelles Collection (the scent is amazing), but I would say my favourite is the Large Helston Chandelier. I liked it so much that I bought one and hung it in my new home! The crystals receive a lot of admiration from our guests!

Harrison Lee

Operations and Administrator Supervisor in Marylebone High Street, Retail First Line Support Analyst, IT

Joined October 2014

I’ve spent almost 3 years with The White Company, starting as a Christmas temp in Brent Cross as a stockroom assistant. A permanent contract was offered to me later that December I moved to Marylebone High Street the next year, where I was involved in both closing both the old stores and opening the new store. During Marylebone’s transition to the store, I was also helping with various store openings.

I spent a brief 2 and a half months in Bicester while Marylebone was closed supporting their operational side of the store.

When the new Marylebone store opened, I was given an opportunity to become the Operations and Administrator Supervisor where I have thoroughly enjoyed my time. A new chapter with The White Company will start for me, where I will be moving to Northampton Distribution Centre to take on a new role as a First Line Support Analyst in IT. Winter is coming.

The people I’ve worked with throughout my time in retail has been amazing. They have supported me and taught me new things which has helped me in life. After becoming Supervisor I saw another side of things, I found great joy in upskilling and teaching other staff the skills I have learnt.

What is your favourite product and why?

The Wild mint fragrance range is my favourite. It has an unbeatable cooling aroma of mint. I usually hate minty stuff but for some reason I just love the Wild Mint range.

Brian Kennedy

IT Systems and Support Manager, IT

Joined July 2016

I joined The White Company as their Application Support Manager in the summer of 2016, just prior to some large-scale improvements going live. Since joining, IT have implemented the Hybris Web platform, Manhattan Scale, Dell Boomi integration, Amazon web services, Gift Card along with many more improvements.

As the App Support manager, I manage the support team responsible for most of the company’s apps, including Nav, Scale, Boomi, the website itself and other key applications.

In June 2017, I also assumed managerial responsibility for our Service desk 1st and 2nd line teams. This means I am much more closely involved in the wider IT world of desktop support, store issues, printers, telephony…and whatever else pops up!

I like the fact that my teams work closely with and bring benefit to pretty much every department in the business. It is great to know that we help people with their IT problems and provide them with the right IT equipment and information to achieve their goals. Most people will at some stage rely on the service provided by IT and I am proud to be a part of helping to deliver that.

I like all the people I’ve met in this company but am especially proud of my own teams. Every day they continue to impress, challenge and amuse me and I am really enjoying being part of developing them into even better providers of IT Service.

What is your favourite product and why?

The Huge Bashful Bunny. In IT, if we need an item to test or add to basket, the Bunny always comes out. I bought one recently for my Niece and it was bigger than her! She hasn’t let it go since.

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