Kara Heward

Talent Acquisition Partner, People Team

Length of Service - 6 Months

I am only at the very beginning of my journey with TWC, but wow, what a journey it has been! This is my first in house role and I love every second. I am learning so much and gaining new skills on a daily basis.

The people are what makes this place, I felt part of the team from the minute I joined.

What is your favourite product and why?

So difficult to choose! But there is something so luxurious about going to sleep every night in White Company Egyptian Cotton sheets...

Miranda Jones

Director of People, People Team

Length of Service - 10 Years

I left my previous job in September 2009, planning to take a few months off. I went to Bath with my mum for a few days – and we stumbled on The White Company store. I remember talking to the Store Manager, Mandy, and her passion for the brand was infectious (it still is!). When I returned to London, I had a call about an HR role with TWC....and i couldn’t say no! I expected to stay for 6 months but The White Company got under my skin... 5 years later, I was promoted to Head of department, and 4 years after that, I was promoted to Director of People. During this time, we have quadrupled the store estate, more than doubled the turnover and our employee numbers have gone from 400 to nearly 2000. I have also met some amazing people who have gone on to be some of my very best friends!

The variety – every day is different, and whatever you are doing, you’re surrounded by people who are so passionate about the brand, our beautiful products and our teams. My own team is full of the most passionate and resourceful people in retail – all dedicated to making The White Company an inspiring place to work. I also love working for Chrissie, she is an inspirational woman and leader, and I am immensely proud to be the first Director of People in her business! Finally, after ten years, I am still as excited about our product as I was when I started – when I come into work and see the beautiful new season brochure on my desk, I can’t wait to go shopping!

What is your favourite product and why?

Cassis signature candle – my favourite fragrance. We stopped doing Cassis a few years ago (it was just for Christmas), a very traumatic time! I now always have at least two in the cupboard, just in case! Wild Mint – we had this in the bathrooms at our wedding, and it brings back happy memories! Santorini bed linen – the first TWC bedding I ever bought, and my favourite!

Rhian Latham

Senior Talent Acquisition Manager, People Team

Length of Service - 9 Months

I came into the business 9 months ago with the mindset to create a direct talent team who deliver the best candidate/stakeholder experience.

I enjoy the fast paced retail business environment which is forever changing. I have an opportunity to create a Talent journey from a blank canvass which is an opportunity to create something exciting and on brand. The people around me are engaged and fun to work with, I have been inspired by recent promotions and see career path for myself.

What is your favourite product and why?

My favorite product is Christmas all of it... whats not to like? Glitter, winter candles, LWC PJ’S, Cashmere...

Vicki Barber

Talent Acquisition Partner, People Team

Length of Service - 9 Months

I started here to recruit for the Contact Centre and Distribution Centre, however I have now taken on the recruitment for our retail sites, it’s a very busy but varied role and I love meeting new people to join our White Company family. I’m also really lucky to have been involved in the recruitment for our new venture in New York which has been so much fun!

I love that we are one big team, everyone is willing to help and it feels like a big family! Everyone is so proud to work here and that really shows in the passion that goes into everything we do.

What is your favourite product and why?

Can I pick two? The best feeling is getting into a freshly made bed of Santorini linen after using the skin care range – it’s like a spa hotel at home! Pure luxury!