Amy Trown

Assistant Manager at The White Company Covent Garden, Retail

Length of Service - 9 Months

I joined TWC Covent Garden as a supervisor in May 2016 until November 2016 when I became acting assistant manager for peak period, which has been extended until the end of the financial year in March.

I’ve always been really passionate about working with British brands (I came from Cath Kidston before this) and their ethics/values. Since I began working with the brand I’ve seen it develop further into becoming a very chic lifestyle brand. I love how it encompasses all areas of a lifestyle – from home wares, to clothing right through to childrenswear which all has a modern contemporary feel. Our customers aren’t just shopping with us for one particular thing, they’re embracing the standard of living that we embody, and we’re becoming a one-stop shop for almost everything! Especially with the launch of the new skincare range – we’re really responding and adapting to what our consumer wants to see from us. I also think the world class customer service that we give is so important to the brand, I enjoy having my own regular customers and making first-timers into new regular faces! It’s so uplifting when customers thank us for the level of service that we give, and it makes my job worthwhile.

What is your favourite product and why?

There’s always one thing that a brand does best, and ours has to be our signature candles/signature fragrance range. With such a wealth to choose from, there’s something for everyone. Home scenting has become so important to me since joining TWC and I believe it is so important to create a relaxing feeling at home – whether opting for the serenity of White Lavender, or evoking holiday nostalgia with Seychelles.

Ana Mendonca

Sales Advisor, Retail

Length of Service - 7 Years

I have been a Sales Advisor for the 7 years of my career that I’ve worked at The White Company. My journey has been a very interesting one. I’ve learnt a lot about developing customer loyalty through trust and a superior customer service. The company has supported me throughout my journey through training, personal development and setting challenging milestones.

The best thing about working for The White Company is the variety and quality of products that we offer from Bedding to Skin Care products. We are constantly adding new items to our quality range of products that it creates a great energetic and exciting environment for work in.

What is your favourite product and why?

Since starting, the Savoy bedding range is still my favourite. It’s a very soft bed linen, chic and stylish whilst being very affordable.

Liam Neal

Commercial Manager, Retail

Length of Service - 7 Years 6 Months

I joined the business as a PT Sales Advisor in July 2009, as part of the new store opening in Brighton, and over the course of the next 2 years, worked my way to a Supervisor before becoming Assistant Manager. When we opened a store in Chichester, I jumped at the opportunity to challenge myself in a new market, and so joined as ASM in August 2012. For a 4 month Maternity cover, I worked as Store Manager in Gunwharf Quays. I became Store Manager of Chichester in June 2014, where I spent 2 years, growing the store, training and up-skilling my team, and broke all previous records the store had set. In November 2016, I was promoted to Commercial Manager of our new flagship store on Marylebone High St, and joined the London Area, which was always a long-term goal of mine.

The people! At every step of my career at TWC, I have had the great privilege of learning from and working alongside passionate and inspirational people, who have inspired me to have a glass-ceiling approach when it comes to my own career goals. The time and energy people have invested into my career, is now something I have been able to pass on to the people I have worked with, and for me there is no greater feeling then seeing my team grow alongside the brand.

What is your favourite product and why?

It has to be the Savoy bed linen, as for me it is one of the truly iconic products we sell as a brand. it was the very first range of bed linen I treated myself to after I joined TWC, and so it evokes all kinds of memories for me, and will always have timeless appeal. I love it’s simplicity, and so do our customers, who wouldn’t want to sleep in a White Company bed?!

Malti Patel

Area Visual Manager, Retail

Length of Service - 13 Years

I started as a sales advisor in Marylebone high street in 2004, after that became the VM and then worked my way up to managing the visuals within our stores in London. I have seen the company grow from 11 stores to 58 and have helped open many of these.

I love the product and people that I work with.

What is your favourite product and why?

There are many....Lime and Bay is my favourite scent!