Neena Bhatti

Multichannel Content & Production Manager, Multichannel Team

Length of Service – 6 Years and 9 Months

When I first started in November 2010 there were just 9 other people in the team, now there are almost 50 of us! My first job was to establish a trade and product set up team, from creating job specs to getting the right people in place. As we grew, we split the team and over the past 3 years, I’ve developed a new team which focusses on content and product areas of the sites. Details are so important for the best customer experience, and we dedicate a lot of time to site standards. I have touchpoints across several departments, and facilitate many areas so it’s always busy, but we all support each other with a ‘One Team’ attitude. I’ve employed a number of new starters over the years, and mentoring them to feel passionate about our products and sites is always a pleasure. The excitement that I felt when I first got my job at TWC has never waned, and I always try to instil this sentiment in my team.

I’ve seen so much changing over the years, but I’m so proud of what we’ve achieved on the journey to get there. The challenges and successes have been invaluable, from launching our US site, to migrating our UK site on to a new platform, and most recently the launch of our beautiful Gift Card and e-Gift Card online. There are several new projects that I am helping to launch and I can’t wait to see these go live!

Christmas at TWC is truly magical, not only because of the gorgeous product, but everyone is so very passionate and committed to our customer. We are always breaking records, from site conversion, to how many parcels we can send out to our customers in one day, and that always keeps us so excited about what the next day will bring.

What is your favourite product and why?

That is an impossible question to answer, I love them all! We’ve always maintained being a unique retailer who never compromises on our quality. I live in a tiny flat in London and have mastered the art of hiding the copious amounts of bed throws and cushion covers from my partner! I’ve learned so much about how to dress a bed and set a table perfectly, always with our beautiful product. I adore our cashmere and very quickly became a complete clothing convert. I have a strict rule of wearing at least one TWC item every day – my current personal best is eight – it was Wintertime! Now with our skincare and jewellery ranges, it’s time to beat that record.