Emilia Foord

AM Senior Operations Supervisor, Distribution Centre

Joined March 2010

I joined The White Company on 1st November 2009 as a Returns/Gift staff member. I worked in Gift Wrap Department for 4 years. I really enjoyed doing gifts to very high standard for TWC Customers. That was my true passion.

2013- I became Acting Team Leader for Operations. This role gave me more room to explore different departments and gain a better understanding of working together within management team and other team leaders. I have met lots of friendly people and gain some close friends for life within this role.

2014- PM Operations Team Leader. Pretty much the same job as above but with more responsibilities on departments but gained more skills. I worked close with my shift Manager. Also to assist in peak I was seconded to Acting Senior Supervisor on Pm shift.

2016- Acting Senior Supervisor on AM/PM shift. I was promoted to Acting Senior Supervisor on AM shift for a peak. I had the opportunity to see how AM shift work and how the operation is running. Definitely gave me a better understanding and more knowledge of our business as a whole. After Peak I moved back to PM shift as Acting Senior Supervisor.

2017- AM Senior Supervisor. After 8 years working on PM shift, I was promoted to AM shift as a Senior Supervisor. Really enjoy my new role. I’m working close with my Shift Manager. I’m really looking forward to gaining more experience in my new role. Another Fantastic opportunity TWC has offered me!!!

What is your favourite product and why?

My favourite product is Winter Botanical Candle and Silver Picture Frames. I absolutely love the smell of winter fragrance. It makes me feel that Christmas is closer and it’s my favourite holiday. Silver Picture Frame is also one of my favourite. I loved the simple look and how it goes with everything. It’s very elegant.

Jola Piekut

AM Shift Operations Manager, Distribution Centre

Joined November 2009

Started September 2007 as agency employee for The White Company that was my first job in the UK after moving from Poland. In this period, I was a Warehouse Operative. I was really impressed with atmosphere in TWC as everybody was very friendly and support of each other. I felt as part of the team.

September 2012 Acting Team Leader that was my first opportunity to growth within TWC. This role was to support the team to achieve the daily goals and targets.

March 2013 Operations Team Leader I was responsible for managing and leading the team within the distribution in order to deliver the expected customer service in terms of quality. Had opportunity to work close with operative team and management team. This role made me realise how much I have grown in last few years and how many opportunities we in front of me.

March 2016 Senior Operations Supervisor I have been promoted from Team Leader to Senior operations Supervisor. My objectives were to support of other areas within the DC, my duties also included co-ordinating and prioritising the daily work schedule to ensure all work is completed. Providing support and identifying individual’s skills for development and to utilize them accordingly. It has made me very proud that I could observe my team keep growing up and progress in new role.

May 2017 Am Operations Shift Manager I`ve been in my new role just over 3 months. I am very satisfied with my new role and responsibilities. I’m able to work with some really interesting people. It`s great to work with people that care about the company and are doing a fantastic job. I also like that my superiors are very effective managers. They understand the importance of hiring good people and then simply clearing the way so their team members can do what they do best with few obstacles.

I like my job because no day is ever the same, each day I am presented with new challenges and situations which really helps me to stay focused and interested. I also enjoy being able to be as creative as I can. The company cares about us and help us to grow, strive to learn new skill sets and appreciates us and we can see that every day. I really feel appreciated.

What is your favourite product and why?

Linen? Silk? Egyptian Cotton? Bedding is the most important thing in the world, we spend a third of our life in bed- we should feel fabulous. I love them for their comfort and accessibility, while I love their simple design. There is something uniquely versatile about them.

The White Company bedding products are really soft and comfortable to the touch, the quality of the products is excellent.

Marta Scigajlo

DC Service and Inventory Senior Supervisor

Joined April 2005

I started in December 2004 in Perivale warehouse in London as Christmas Temporary staff with Agency. Moved with TWC team to Northampton Brackmills in Spring 2005, worked as part of DC Operations team for six months – picking and packing orders; after I was with Returns team as Operative processing customer’s returns, and then in 2008 moved onto Returns Customer Facing team. In 2010 joined Customer Services team, newly established in Northampton.

I have worked there for further four years as Customer Service Senior, and then Admin Supervisor looking after admin tasks to ensure customer order journey and communication were second to none. In July 2014 I have returned to DC team as AM Service and Inventory Team Leader for AM shift, just in time for move of DC from Brackmills to Swan Valley.

Over my time with TWC I have seen the business grow, met so many people and I am happy to say made friends. Everyday I am using the knowledge and experience gained within different roles I worked. Last June I visited our new store in New York City as one of the One Team Heroes. While DC Team is working on the project of ‘Flow racking’ I am currently supporting DC Team as DC Service and Inventory Senior Supervisor until the project is completed.

The best thing about working here is the people, energy of busy environment.

What is your favourite product and why?

Cassis candle has been my favourite product since it was launched; however this changed when Skincare was released. I love Super Balm and since I tried it - my skin cannot be without it. I take it everywhere I travel, it helped my skin and worked well as emergency hair rescue mask too.

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